Clash Royale Lava Inferno Dragon Deck 2019

Clash Royale Lava Inferno Dragon Deck 2019| Lava Inferno Dragon Deck Guide here I here told you about Best lava Inferno Dragon Deck flying troopsare use in it. Hi Guys Furious Trashbag7 here I have been playing Royale since its initial release and took a break


  • Lava Hound: Lava Hound is a great tank that makes your enemy over compensate for defense wise. I always see people dropping a Minion Horde plus Inferno Tower or any combination of cards. This card is also very easy to protect with other cards such as Minions or Arrows. Finally, this card synergies well with almost every other card in this Lava Inferno Dragon Deck.
  • Miner: Miner is a win condition simply because of the chip damage he can get off. Miner will also double as a distraction to soak up damage from the enemy tower when your Lava Hound dies, AND allows for the skeletons to do massive doots to the tower. Miner also doubles… I mean triples as a crappy panic defense.
  • Tombstone: Great card that counts most tanks (except for Golem) exceptionally well. Has great synergy with Miner and Lava Hound, because while Miner and Lava are absorbing damage, your little skeletons can kill off any ground counters; get doots off on tower.
  • Minions: Originally this deck used Skarmy, but I switched to minions because they can survive zap and are untouched by log. So many times I would be using skarmy to counter a Miner, Hog, Giant, Graveyard, etc. and I would find myself being stopped by a zap. Minions also are a great way to spell bait your opponent.

lava inferno dragon deck

  • Inferno Dragon: Inferno Dragon is a great card here because, it melts all the bully cards down with ease. Inferno Dragon (at tournament standard) can survive a Lightning spell (at tournament standard) meaning that there really isn’t a easy and efficient way to stop this guy. And, by the time this guy has melted their push, you have enough elixir for a counter push. Thus, this guys doubles as a great counter pusher. Miner also will take blows (if placed correctly) meaning that this guy can melt the tower in a matter of seconds. Check Out This Guide How To Use Inferno Dragon
  • Meta Minion: Great card offensively and defensively. Needless to say it is broken. Good synergy with the rest of the air themed troops. Spell proof essentially. High DPS. What is not broken about him?
  • Log: Great AOE damage. Counters Princess, Skarmy, Goblins and overall does decent chip damage. This card should primary be used defensively rather than offensively (like in a Hog Log deck or a Royal GG deck). Log allows for your defenses to do more damage and knocks tanks back so that your Inferno Dragon can melt them before they even reach the tower. Also allows for cycling.
  • Arrows: Primarily used to counter swarm troops like Minions, Skarmy, but most importantly Minion Horde. Arrows allows your Lava Hound and Miner be practically uncontested as the approach the opposing tower. Lava Inferno Dragon Deck.


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