Best BH6 Base 2019 Builder Hall 6 Base Anti 1 Star

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Why you only find one base layout for Builder Hall 6 here? Well, I’m aware that many other sources out there give you lists of dozens of bases telling you that they all are the best – leaving you with choosing one of them and then trying out yourself if it works or not.


بهترین نقشه بیلدر هال 6 کلش Best BH6 Base 2019

Why I Think It Is The Best

This base worked exceptionally well in my mini account and I’ve seen a lot of attacks not getting even a 1-Star in their attacks, especially Night Witches.

Please be aware that you need quite a well-upgraded BH6 for that with Level 5+ defenses and walls to make this work so well – however, also rushed bases will have a great chance with this layout.




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